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I’m somewhat of a mix between a girly girl and a tom boy. I like video games, I like comic books (I’m more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan), I like watching the fast and furious movies. But I’m a chick. I like pedicures, I like bikinis, and I LOVE shoes.

Since becoming vegan, I’ve started changing my views on “stuff”. I want to know where my stuff comes from. Who profits from it? Who made it? A big corporation? How do they treat their employees? How do they source their materials? Why is the cost so little, or so much? I used to be a bargain shopper, almost believing that the world owed me money and I should have to pay the least amount for what I needed or wanted. Coupons were my friend. Veganism has opened me up to the world in the sense that I can’t just love for myself, things that I do effect others. Every time I make a purchase I am making a conscious decision to help or harm. Sure I could buy cheaper shampoo, but then I am essentially saying “I’m okay with testing on animals if it means I pay less for hair products”. I could buy my shoes at Payless, but I am telling companies that I’m okay with them underpaying their workers, polluting the earth, and using animals as shoe fabric. I am voting with my dollars and saying “no more!”. I believe in small businesses. I believe in animal liberation. I believe in fair compensation for workers. And I will not support the pollution of the earth.


I share my beliefs with a small shoe company called Nicora Johns. A small American shoe company based out of California. They make eco friendly, hand made, vegan shoes. And holy crap they are so comfortable and cute! My husband and I both own pairs. My husband had no dress shoes other than his military issued ones, of which he is not a fan. I ordered a pair of Leroy’s from Nicora Johns, and he really likes them. But me, I LOVE my Sally’s. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and they go with everything. You can tell that they put their heart and soul into the design and making of all of their shoes, the materials and high quality and the soles have that perfect balance of softness and stability. You can walk anywhere in them for hours and never feel uncomfortable.



Nicora johns is able to do custom designs for whatever you like. They make flats, sandals, and boots. They have both men and women’s shoes. Your order comes with a photo of a Nicora Johns shoe maker and instructions on proper care of your shoes (Eat your heart out, Nike!).

You have a choice when you make purchases. Vote with your dollars. And as far as my shoe vote goes, I vote for Nicora Johns.

Their message – “Our goal is to bring *you* quality handmade shoes while bringing jobs back to the United States through environmentally-sound production and affordable pricing.”



You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter!


I hope you’ll check out Nicora johns, and I hope you’ll start researching the shoe industry. The best consumers are the ones who do their research.



4 thoughts on “Vegan shoes – Nicora Johns

  1. I could not agree with you more! There are many people out there that just don’t understand that every time you buy a product, you are essentially voting with your dollars. Smaller, organic, and all around friendly companies simply cannot stay open if people are willing to pay a cheaper price for a corporation that just isn’t doing any good to our world.

    Love this post, and am definitely going to try this company out! Thank you!


  2. c says:

    Amen! I found your blog when searching for more information on/reviews of Nicora Johns shoes. The shoes are godawfully expensive, but as the comment above mentioned, we’re voting with our dollars.

    1. Did you find that the shoes run pretty true to size? Did you order your normal size?
    2. Do you find that the shoes are pretty durable? I am notoriously tough on my shoes – my last pair of flats only lasted maybe 6 months, but they were also relatively inexpensive (found at TJ Maxx or something).
    3. What’s up with the photos with the shoes? Is it a photo of the cobbler who made your shoes?! That’s such a rad idea if it is – it humanizes the manufacturing process.

    • Hi there! Thanks for reading, I love when people ask me questions!

      So yes, they are quite pricey. But since were on the topic of voting with our dollars, I’ll tell you why I think they’re worth every cent. In the US, we seem to have lost our way and let corporate America take over. As a result, the economy suffers, people suffer, the Earth suffers. But thankfully there are people who want to see the prosperity of the thing that is so desperately needed in America- the small business. Especially one with a stance such as NJ. When you’re buying from them, you’re saying no to animal cruelty, pollution, and unfair wages in other countries who exploit workers. You’re saying yes to sourcing ethical, eco friendly materials and buying a shoe that will help a shoe maker have enough money to actually thrive instead of barely scraping by. It is an expense, but it is an expense worth saving for absolutely! Anyways, to answer your questions, I ordered about 1/2 size bigger and I’m thankful I did. Any smaller and my feet would be squished. But, everyone has different feet. The amazing thing about NJ is that if you have any concerns about sizing at all, you can email them and they are more than happy to help you. They’re amazing at everything, including customer service.

      The durability- I have only had mine a few months so I’m not sure I can attest to it as well as you’d like. But so far I am not disappointed at all. I’ve walked for hours in them with no problems whatsoever. You can tell when a shoe is on your foot if it’s cheap material that will give out, and my Sally’s do not feel that way whatsoever.

      The picture- they have a few shoe makers who work for them and with every order they send a picture of one of them. I’m not sure if it’s the same one who makes the shoe, but either way I’m so happy to have seen that a real person was there and has benefitted from me buying from them, you know? Like you said, it humanizes the buying process unlike getting a pair of nikes and wondering where the hell they came from. I bet, if I wanted to, I could email NJ right now and find out who exactly made my shoe and how long it took them. It’s a truly exceptional small business and I highly recommend them. 🙂

      I hope that helps!


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