Cafe Sprout – vegan cafe in Okinawa


I am leaving this amazing Japanese island in four months. Can you believe that? Four months! So since we are getting down to the wire here, I want to tell you guys about another favorite cafe of mine that has vegan food. In fact, it’s all vegan. My hope is to leave a legacy on my blog that other vegans can refer to if they ever visit. So after you’ve stopped at my favorite place, Dechibica, maybe you’ll catch some dinner at another great cafe- cafe sprout.


The owner (who I have already forgotten the name of, thanks to my awesome memory skills) is a wonderful vegan woman. I recently found out that she has been vegan for 30 years. I was shocked because she doesn’t even look older than maybe late 20’s, it turns out she’s 45! I swear, this vegan lifestyle really keeps you looking young forever.


Her menu seems small, but the food is so amazing that really, there’s nothing small about this place. I always come here during lunch time when she gives you a choice between the veggie plate or veggie curry. Each lunch set comes with either soup or salad, your main dish, and a drink choice of either coffee or tea.






All of her food is vegan. No eggs, no dairy, no processed white sugar. She told me that she became vegan because meat made her very ill. She was pescatarian until she became sick whilst visiting Florida and eating seafood. Now, 30 years later, she lives here in Okinawa and has had Cafe Sprout for about 5 years. She makes the food herself in a kitchen in the back, where she is followed around (she calls it stalking) by the most adorable cat I have ever seen. The owner told me that she found her by the ocean and couldn’t handle having to take her to a shelter, so she adopted her. She named her Moana, which is a Hawaiian word for Ocean. She says Moana LOVES vegetables, but hates raw fish. Maybe it reminds Moana of her life at the ocean. Moana begs customers for food, which is adorable. The owner showed me pictures of Moana eating corn on the cob and cucumbers. She really loves her veggies, just like her owner.


If you happen to stop in here, you should absolutely try the desserts. She makes an amazing banana walnut cake with home made vegan whipped cream that is simply to die for.


She also makes lots of home made cookies that are up at the cash register. We always get two to go, one for my husband and I. They are never disappointing.


Cafe sprout info-
Phone number – 098-988-9471
Address – S-11, 28 Samashita
Ginowan, Okinawa
Hours– Tuesday through Sunday
Lunch menu 11:30-14:30
Cafe menu 14:30-18:00
Closed on Mondays

As my time here on this island comes to an end, I am increasingly more grateful to have gone vegan whilst living here and to have had this huge amount of vegan restaurants to be able to try. I’ve tried veggies I’ve never even heard of before, fell in love with home made curry, eaten some of the best desserts of my life. Wether you are coming to Okinawa or already live here, and wether you’re vegan or not, I recommend giving all of these amazing cafés a try. You will surely be missing out if you don’t.




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