L’Orange Patisserie – Okinawa


I adore blueberry muffins. My mom used to make them fairly often. Come to find out, years later, those delicious beauties had come from a box!

Since moving to Okinawa I’ve become acquainted with shopping at small bakeries/patisseries. Before living here I’d just Google “where’s the nearest dunkin donuts?”, and pick up some muffins. Well there is no dunkin’ or panera bread that can compete with the small bakeries in Okinawa. My favorite bakery is L’Orange Patisserie.



Located right next to Camp Foster, L’Orange is a small shop that’s cranking out some seriously delicious baked goods. And lucky for me, many of them are vegan!



The owner and baker is a wonderful person. Her name is Michiyo. Michiyo is not vegan, but learned from a friend of hers how to make vegan baked goods.



The muffins Michiyo has are baked fresh every day. The flavors and varieties are different almost every time I’m there. I especially like the blueberry crumble. I’ve also tried the chocolate persimmon, peach and berry, raspberry, orange chocolate, and pistachio. I love the muffins because they’re generously topped with fruit, and very fluffy on the inside. They’re so flavorful! Nothing like a good muffin and a soy latte, am I right?

She also makes vegan cookies. They are delicious! She makes many different kinds. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, the chocolate coconut cookies are my favorite.



I’m so thankful for people like Michiyo in Okinawa who have vegan treats for sale. When people find out I’m vegan here they say the same thing- “that must make it so hard to find food here!”. It’s actually untrue. Because of being vegan, I’ve had the privilege to find places like L’Orange and do three of my favorite things: eat vegan food, meet new people, and support small businesses. It’s not difficult being vegan in Okinawa, it’s just more of an adventure!

If you’re looking for a treat after lunch, or want to go read a book somewhere on your day off, I highly recommend going to L’Orange for a muffin and some coffee. You will not be disappointed.


L’Orange Information
Address: Kiyuna 1-21-5
Ginowan City Okinawa
Phone: 098-893-1377
Hours: Open 12:00 – 7:00 Wednesday – Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.


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