Plenty of Joy Cafe – Okinawa


Something magical happened in okinawa last Saturday. In the form of food. Months ago I asked on the Vegans of Okinawa Facebook page about a flier I had seen for a sandwich shop called Plenty of Joy. The flier had a menu which was all in Japanese. Thankfully, someone translated for me. And the place was a vegan food gold mine. Fast forward to last Friday. I had attempted three times to go to Plenty of Joy. My bad restaurant luck caused them to always be closed when I attempted to go. Then Saturday happened. Glorious, amazing Saturday.


I wasn’t even hungry when we went. Naoko runs a hotel with a breakfast cafe and I ate there beforehand, and then we stopped at another smoothie place afterwards. It was an entirely food filled day. So at Naoko’s recommendation I ordered their banana cacao smoothie. I kept hearing from Naoko that the banana cacao smoothie at POJ was her favorite. I assumed it would be on par with the banana chocolate drink from Green Leaf, which is like thick chocolate milk. It’s delicious. But the smoothie at POJ… It was better. Have you ever been to Wendy’s? That truly terrible for you fast food place with the logo of a red head in pig tails? That place was right next to my High School. And Wendy’s has something called a frosty that everyone and their mother was obsessed with. Well, POJ has duplicated the Wendy’s frosty. Except it’s made with bananas and cacao so there’s actual nutritional value. The flavor and texture were spot on, and it almost brought me to tears. Almost. And if that wasn’t enough deliciousness, there were sandwiches that blew me away.


Carola ordered their veggie burger. She let me try a bite. A glorious, magical bite. It isn’t shaped like a burger and it doesn’t taste like a burger. It’s better. It tastes like a chicken Parmesan sandwich, and it’s covered in the best tomato sauce I’ve ever had.


Naoko also let me try her sandwich. A veggie sandwich with home made soy mayo. The mayo was more flavorful than any mayonnaise I’ve ever had, vegan or not.


This place is amazing. The bread is fresh from local bakeries nearby, and it was some of the softest bread I’ve ever had. Both sandwiches came with dates rolled in cacao. Ah dates, natures candy. What a genius idea to serve with sandwiches, right? The perfect ending to the perfect meal.

Plenty of Joy is a great place to eat while in Naha. It’s a great food option for when you are shopping around kokusai street, or in the Tsuboya pottery district. There’s a park right across the street, which is perfect if you’re with kiddos. Or if you’re a kid at heart, like myself.

I highly recommend checking them out. Order the banana cacao smoothie, you will not be disappointed!

Plenty of Joy info –
Address: 1 Chome-2-15 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013
Phone: 080-5066-0202
Facebook page:
Hours: 11:30-7:30 Wednesday – Sunday


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