Breakfast Cafe Niffera – Okinawa


I love butterflies. I actually have a rather large one tattooed on me. Here in Okinawa I’ve been to two places where butterflies roam freely and you can interact with them. It’s really beautiful. Last year for my birthday my husband took me to the butterfly garden up north. It was gorgeous, and the butterflies fly all over you. But by far the best place to interact with butterflies in Okinawa is Cafe Niffera in the Tsuboya pottery district part of Naha. Because not only are there butterflies, there’s food. Amazing, nutritious, beautiful food.


Breakfast Cafe Niffera is run by Naoko Takakura, a vegan who is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. She runs the hotel Tsuboya Garden House, to which the breakfast cafe is attached.


Naoko has a great menu at the cafe with vegetarian and vegan dishes. Acai bowls, Eggs Benedict, and a vegan plate are some of your food options. She also has kombucha, smoothies, and the best cup of water you’ll ever drink in your life. It’s blue! I tried the vegan plate and the green smoothie, and was not disappointed at all. It was the best plate of breakfast I’ve had in a while!



Avocado, potatoes, tofu, bean salad, sweet potato, greens, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, hummus, and green beans. It was so fresh and delicious! I highly recommend her food. Cafe Niffera is the perfect place to stop for breakfast while in the Tsuboya pottery district. I’m planning on going soon while I’m in the area to pick up some pottery for my mom!




Outside the cafe Naoko has a table set up just for the caterpillars. You can see tons of them climbing all over, and lots of cocoons. In the garden the butterflies fly all over! It’s so beautiful!


I recommend checking out Cafe Niffera and trying her breakfast food. If it’s sunny, sit in the garden and be surrounded by butterflies! Naoko will tell you all about them, she is so nice! After we ate at her breakfast cafe she showed Carola and I many places with vegan options around Naha, cute little shops on Kokusai street, and took us to a festival where we tried lots of great vegan food. She was a wonderful tour guide!


Breakfast Cafe Niffera in Tsuboya Garden House info
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday; open 8 AM, last order 10 AM.
TGH Facebook page:



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